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The T-Side Podcast

Jul 29, 2021

Fun fact: Tawnya loves to travel, but due to ‘Rona she hasn’t been able to. Today she is joined by Phil aka The Blerd Explorer to talk about his most recent book, The Black Traveler’s Guide To Daegu. He explains how he got to South Korea and what it’s like to live there, especially as a black man.  Although geared towards the black traveler, the book is a great resource for anyone considering travel to South Korea. Tawnya asks questions about everything from the weather and cost of living to shopping and being able to find hair products for people of color. They discuss some do’s and don’ts when in South Korea and a lot more. Also find out why you shouldn’t write anyone’s name in red ink.  Are you a world traveler?  Would you consider going to South Korea?  Let us know at  


Song Of The Day: Number One Spot by Ludacris

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